Central Pa. firefighters collect supplies for firefighters in NY

The Lawnton Fire Company has started a fund drive for fellow firefighters in New York who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Some of the firefighters in New York have lost their homes, and several fire departments were damaged.

“Yet, they are still out helping others in their communities, ” said Al Stuckey, Lawton Fire Company President.

“Personally, I know how hard it was for us last year to overcome these devastating times and it is a time for everybody to come together. We can get their families up and running before the holidays hit and let them move forward with life,” said Stuckey.

Lawnton Fire Company is collecting cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, non-perishable food, and plastic storage bins.

All donations can be dropped off at the Lawnton Fire Company, at 52 South 46th Street in Harrisburg, between 5 and 8 every night. You can also call Al Stuckey at 717-265-3950 to set up a drop off time.

Firefighters will be collecting donations for the next two weeks. They plan on loading up a truck and delivering the items to Staten Island on November 26. They are working with a non-profit group called tunneltotowersrun.org.

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