Man arrested on 29 counts of identity theft

An insurance agency employee is accused of the stealing personal information of customers and applying for credit cards in their names.

Marshall Anthony Bradley, 33, of Conewago Township, has been arrested on 94 criminal counts; including 29 felony counts each of forgery, identity theft, and unlawful use of a computer, as well as charges of theft, receiving stolen property, and related offenses.

Northern York County Regional police said that beginning in May 2012, victims began reporting that they had received unsolicited credit cards in the mail, had inconsistencies on their credit reports, or had mail taken from their mailboxes.

A majority of the transactions were tracked to an Internet address belonging to a Manchester Township insurance agent and to an Internet address belonging to Harrisburg Area Community College. Bradley was found to a be a HACC student and an employee of the insurance agent, police said.

Police said Bradley would access personal information through the insurance agency's computerized files, then apply for credit cards in the names of the victims and have the cards sent to the victims' addresses.

He would then determine the mail delivery schedule for the address in question and repeatedly check the mailbox to retrieve the credit card before the victim discovered it, police said.

Bradley would then use the cards until they were maxed out or canceled, according to police.

Twenty-nine victims have been identified so far. The total amount of loss to the victims and the credit card companies is still being determined, police said.

Anyone with information may call the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717-292-3647.

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