Digital fallen heroes memorial unveiled in York

Every Veterans Day weekend, people across the Midstate take time to honor our service members. A couple of special events took place Saturday to make sure our veterans get the thanks they deserve.

“I'm very proud of the military no matter what branch they were,” said Gene Arnold, Marine Corps. Veteran.

That U.S. veteran pride was evident at a fundraiser dinner for the PA Wounded Warrior Group in Camp Hill.

“So many of these soldiers needed help financially, until they could get on their own feet,” said Helen Sajer, President of the PA Wounded Warriors Group. “So we're paying rents, we're paying utility bills.”

The money raised at the dinner helps wounded veterans, like Army veteran Robert Cudworth.

“I wish there was a lot more people out there like her,” said Cudworth. “She's a fantastic person.”

“This is a wonderful event and to see these wounded warriors is a blessing to my heart,” said Arnold.

Earlier Saturday, it was an emotional ceremony at the Prospect Hill Cemetery in York, where a digital fallen heroes memorial was unveiled.

The 46-inch touch screen allow visitors to scroll through the names of more than 6,600 service men and women who lost their lives in either Iraq or Afghanistan. The fallen are from across the Midstate and across the U.S.

When you click on a given service member's name, the screen displays when and where they died, which branch they served in, where they're from, and their picture. That way, people can take a look at the face of the person who died defending their freedom. It's a touch that means a lot to Donna Cutchall. She lost her husband to a roadside bomb in Iraq.

“Let them know that my husband and these heroes aren't just another statistic,” said Cutchall. “That when they look into the eyes of them on this screen, that they'll know who they were beyond being a soldier.”

Cemetery officials said they will add pictures of the fallen on an ongoing basis.

As for the PA Wounded Warrior Group event, it raised more than $60,000.

If you'd like to help the cause, you can find out how at

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