Woman says Romney signs made her target of vandals

Political differences escalated into a case of vandalism in Dauphin County.

Someone spray painted the words “loser” and “bigot” along Avondale Drive in West Hanover Township this morning with an arrow pointing to the home of Sally Straining, who had Mitt Romney signs in her front yard.

A few days ago, Straining said someone scraped off her GOP bumper sticker and scratched up her car.

She said she feels like she's being targeted simply because she is proud to be a Republican.

“The fact that someone thinks that they have the right to come onto my property, deface my car, and they think they are entitled to do these things,” she said. “It's needless and kind of petty.   People spray painting in front of houses, for example, with Romney signs still up in front of their houses.”

State police said there was similar spray-painted graffiti in Straining's neighborhood this morning. The township has since cleaned up the vandalism.

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