Police chief, supporters plan to fight termination

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A source tells abc27 News that Fairview Township Police Chief Scott Hockenberry was fired over a picture taken of him with a topless woman.

According to the source, the picture was taken at a biker rally in Maryland in September and forwarded to a friend who then repeatedly forwarded the picture to township supervisors. Hockenberry was fired on Thursday.

Fairview Township Solicitor David Jones told abc27 that the township asked an independent law firm to “investigate Hockenberry's conduct.”

“He was fired based on findings of an investigation by independent council. Those findings were discussed in an executive session and supervisors voted unanimously to fire him,” Jones said.

Mike Treaster was with Hockenberry when the photograph was taken. He has placed a sign in his yard asking people to attend the next supervisors meeting on December 3 at 7 p.m. to show their support for the former police chief.

“It's unjust,” Treaster said. “It was not illegal and it was not even in this state.”

Christina Conley signed the petition to show her support.

“He has worked 18 years to get where he is at and for something like this to happen to him is just wrong,” Conley said. “People are allowed to be people and human and make mistakes. Minor indiscretions in your personal life really is not the township's business, especially when your 350 miles away.”

“Scott is a dedicated public servant,” his attorney, Edward Paskey said. “No specific reason was provided to explain his discharge. Neither he or I are aware of any incident or circumstance which would justify his dismissal. We look forward to reviewing the situation more closely.”

Hockenberry was police chief for less than a year.

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