Pa. unveils 2 programs aimed at saving lives in emergencies

Governor Tom Corbett has announced two voluntary programs aimed at saving the lives of Pennsylvanians in emergency situations: the Yellow Dot and Emergency Contact Information programs.

“Both of these programs speak for people when they can't speak for themselves, so medical concerns can be addressed and contacts can be reached as quickly as possible,” Corbett said Friday. “When someone is in a crash or they find themselves in an emergency situation, it's critical that emergency responders quickly find out as much as they can about the victim.”

Yellow Dot participants fill out a form with their emergency contact information, medical contact, and medical history. The form is placed into a yellow envelope that goes in their vehicle glove box, and a yellow sticker placed on the rear window lets first responders know to check for the information that will help them provide specific care to participants.

The Emergency Contact Information program allows anyone with a Pennsylvania driver's license or PennDOT-issued identification to log onto a secure database and list two emergency contacts.

Only law enforcement officials have access to the information. In the event on an emergency, police can access the database to inform emergency contacts and get medical history information.

To learn more about the Yellow Dot program, sign up for a program folder, or to find locations where program materials can be picked up, visit

To sign up for the Emergency Contact Information program, visit and click on the program icon.

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