Cedar Cliff employee complains of foul smell

abc27 News received several tips this week of Cedar Cliff High School faculty and students getting sick from a unusual odor.

The school was evacuated as a precaution Wednesday after reports of the foul smell, but is the smell and the problem lingering?

Students and faculty members have reported the smell of rotten eggs and some have said the odor has made them ill. They described having headaches, burning eyes, and a burning sensation in their throat.

Sue Lane, a faculty member who works in the high school cafeteria, told abc27 News that she and other co-workers went home sick Friday because of the smell. She said the odor has been going on for weeks.

“We're all concerned, I mean, especially for us, but also for these kids that go here,” Lane said. “I have an exchange student that goes here and she came here to learn, not to come to a school to get sick.”

District officials could not confirm rumors of students passing out because of the smell, but did post a statement on the school website that said several leaks were found in the sewer seals, and those leaks will be sealed over the weekend.

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