Two Chambersburg brothers arrested for attempted homicide

A pair of Chambersburg brothers have been charged with attempted homicide and assault.  According to court paperwork, the two were arrested Thursday afternoon following a State Police investigation.

According to the paperwork, troopers were called to the Chambersburg Hospital emergency room late Wednesday night.  A man had been found along Spring Road in Guilford Township and was being treated for traumatic injuries.

According to police, that man, Clarence Green, could barely speak but was able to relate that he had gone to Hollywood Casino with Jaleni Ghee and his brother, Jemoni Ghee.  After leaving the casino, Green told troopers that they went to a location in Shippensburg where he was assaulted.  During the assault, Green stated that Jelani Ghee took $170.00 from him.  Green told troopers, “They tried to kill me.”

According to the court paperwork, that Green suffered “severe trauma to his midsection as well as his head and extremities.” Police say Green was airlifted to York Trauma Center, where they say he fell into a coma and had to be put onto a respirator.

The court paperwork say the treating physician reported that Green's injuries were caused by blunt force trauma, similar to being struck by a car.

State Police contacted Hollywood Casino. On surveillance video, they saw Green and both Jelani and Jemoni Ghee entering the casino in a black Pontiac Bonneville.

Police traced Jelani Ghee car and got an address for Adrienne Lane in Chambersburg.  Troopers found the vehicle at the address and observed damage to the driver's side front corner.  Trooper's said the area appeared to have been recently cleaned.

Troopers also searched a garbage dumpster in the area and found two garbage bags filled with clothes.  The clothing was covered with blood and matched the clothing seen on Jelani and Jemoni Ghee on video surveillance at the casino.

Sate Police say the Ghees deny any involvement with the assault on Clarence Green.  They are both being held at the Franklin County Jail.


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