Collection of Pa. governor’s signatures to be auctioned Saturday

What might be the largest personal collection of Pennsylvania governor signatures will go to the highest bidder this weekend in Harrisburg.

 Cordier Auctions will sell off the collection this Saturday. The collector, who is local but wants to remain anonymous, received the first signature as a gift. That started a 10 year quest to collect 60 of them, starting with William Markham, who began his term in office in 1681, all the way through Tom Ridge.  

“The hardest ones for the collector to get was John Tener, a major baseball player,” said auctioneer Ellen Miller. “Another one was John Bell … because he only served 19 days in office, not a lot of time to sign anything.”

This collection is among many items to be auctioned off on Saturday at Cordier Auction. Bidding will take place online, as well as at their location at 1500 Paxton Street in Harrisburg. The collection will be sold as one item and could fetch as much as $5,000.  

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