AG-elect Kane wants to be example for women in politics

Pennsylvania history was made Tuesday night when Kathleen Kane became the first woman and first Democrat elected state attorney general since the office was created in 1980.

Shortly after her victory over Republican candidate Dave Freed, Kane sat down for a one-on-one interview with abc27's Dave Marcheskie.

Alabaster marble stretched high into colorful stained-glass sconces inside the historic Radisson Hotel in Scranton. What was once an ornate train station was the perfect backdrop for Kane's victory party.

She reflected on the moment that she realized what her win meant.

“I want to be that example,” she said. “I think that we're there and I want to encourage more women to run for office.”

A mother of two sons, Kane said she hopes to prove women can be everything they want to be. As far as women in politics, Kane said, “our voices need to be heard.”

As the next Attorney General, expect to hear Kane loud and clear. The 46-year-old did not blink an eye when asked about her promise to investigate why it took three years for the current attorney
general's office to bring charges against former Penn State assistant
football coach Jerry Sandusky.

She said the task tops her priority list.

“Never anything personal, but I have questions to why it took so long,” she said. “I think the public has questions and they deserve to be answered.”

Throughout the campaign, critics claimed Kane did not have the experience to be Pennsylvania's top cop. For 12 years, she was an assistant district attorney in Lackawanna County, but never held the title of district attorney like Freed.

According to Kane, her time as chief investigator of the fraud division provided plenty of management experience. More important than experience she said, is leadership, a quality she said she was born with.

“The people of Pennsylvania trust me to do the right thing for the right reason,” she said. “If you carry that through every single day, and every single case as the attorney general, then you will be very successful.”

It is hard not to call Kane successful. As prosecutor, mother and wife, it appears she has it all. But as her father Joe Granahan tells it, his daughter achieved one more victory election night: becoming her sister's boss. Twin sister Ellen works in the attorney general's office.

When asked about her father's tale in jest, Kane laughed, “that's especially satisfying.”

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