Pa. EMS workers to assist NJ with Hurricane Sandy recovery

Governor Tom Corbett met Friday with 50 emergency medical services workers who were on their way to help New Jersey residents with their Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

The governor met with the emergency workers at the Turnpike Commission headquarters before they left for New Jersey. An additional 20 ambulance crews were also set to go to New Jersey during the day, and 35 ambulances were sent earlier in the week.

In all, nearly 300 people have been sent to New Jersey to assist in the recovery efforts.

“We are fortunate to have emergency medical services resources available to help a neighboring state that has experienced such devastating outcomes from Hurricane Sandy,” Corbett said. “Their goal is to assist those in need, while ensuring we are still able to operate safely in Pennsylvania.”

The first team of EMS personnel from 27 counties left Tuesday morning for a three-day mission to support the 911 system and offer any other help needed at shelters and in storm-ravaged areas. Their mission has since been extended.

All are currently scheduled to return home early next week.

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