GOP floods Pa. airwaves in last-minute blitz

In the words of that classic movie, “They're baaaaack.”

You can't get away from Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, whether you approve of their messages or not.

They're on television and radio and in newspapers: a last-week blitz of political campaign ads has come to Pennsylvania and – unless you're in the woods or still blacked out by Hurricane Sandy – you can't miss them.

“It's like the girl at the dance that all of a sudden everybody wants to dance with,” said Keegan Gibson, managing editor of Politics PA, which charts candidate spending. “That's Pennsylvania right now.”

For outside Republican groups supporting Romney, Pennsylvania is no cheap date.

“In the past week, Republicans have gone from zero dollars on TV in Pennsylvania to almost $12 million, which is incredible,” Gibson said. “Democrats only have about $1.6 million, so it's a last-minute surprise push by the GOP.”

It's not just an on-the-air assault. There's also a ground game. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in Harrisburg Saturday morning. Romney will be in the Philly suburbs Sunday.

Less than a week before the election, the battle has finally arrived in this purported battleground state.

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