Corbett responds to Spanier’s ‘frame-up’ claim

Governor Tom Corbett has responded to criticism from former Penn State president Graham Spanier, who accused the governor of trying to settle a personal score after he was charged Thursday with covering up child sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky.

Spanier's lawyers issued a statement that said Corbett is trying to divert attention from the three-year investigation into Sandusky that began when the governor was attorney general, and claimed the governor is behind what they call a politically motivated frame-up.

Corbett responded Friday as he met with 50 emergency medical services workers who were on their way to help New Jersey residents with their Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

“Defense attorneys are paid by their clients to speak on their behalf, and I hope they're getting paid well,” Corbett said. “Their comments are typical of what we've seen over the years, aren't they? Back in the Bonusgate investigation, the attorneys said pretty much the same thing: it's politically motivated. No, it's not. It's a search for the truth, It's a search for justice. And in those cases we got convictions.”

“I know Linda Kelly very, very well. She doesn't do anything political,” Corbett continued. “I didn't tell her to do anything. And we'll let the evidence determine what happens.”

Corbett said he was not surprised that Spanier faces charges of charges of perjury, obstruction and child endangerment, but he declined to give his personal opinion.

“I don't think my personal opinion on this matters,” Corbett said. “I think the facts matter. I think the protection of children in particular matters and I think the actions of officials, or the lack of action of officials matters. That will all be decided in a courtroom.”

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