PSU students ‘not shocked’ by charges against Spanier

There are signs of fall all around State College, but an all too familiar bitter November chill has again fallen upon Happy Valley, bringing back memories of last November when news of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal first broke.

This time, the November winds blew in news of an alleged conspiracy to cover-up the actions of now-convicted child molester Jerry Sandsuky.

As charges against the former president Graham Spanier were announced in Harrisburg this morning, members of the Penn State Community in State College weren't surprised.

Student Jerry Saylards said, “There have been speculations of that, so that is what I figured would happen.”

Others said they were pleased with the charges. 

“He deserves everything he gets,” student Alex Tier said.

Downtown a large Penn State-theme mural has been a focus-point since last November. The artist painted over the image of Jerry Sandusky and painted a halo on Joe Paterno following his death, and then removed it following the release of the Freeh report.

Still shown on the mural is Graham Spanier. The artist said he's waiting for the legal process to be complete before making a decision about removing it.

The university is also citing respect to the legal process as a the reason they aren't commenting about Thursday's charges beyond an online statement, that in part read, “In light of the charges brought against him, Spanier will be placed on leave, effective immediately.”

To read the statement in full, click here.

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