Harrisburg woman, 65, reports armed robbery in Midtown

Harrisburg police said a 65-year-old Midtown woman was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday morning as she walked to a bus stop on her way to work.

The woman said the robber ran up to her in the 200 block of Hamilton Street and demanded her money and cell phone. When she told him she had
neither, he made some comment that she was “safe today” and fled without harming her, police said.

The robber was said to be of unknown race, about 5'7″ tall with black coloring on his face and
neck mixed with some orange color in the manner of camouflage, police said. He wore a
black hooded sweatshirt and black gloves and seemed young, perhaps in his 20's.

Anyone with information may call Harrisburg police at 717-255-6586.

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