Giant becomes first grocery store on East Shore to sell beer

You can now pick up a six-pack of your favorite beer at a Dauphin
County grocery store. It's the first of its kind in the county.

The Beer Garden at Giant off Linglestown Road in Susquehanna Township is finally open after a nearly two-year wait.

Customers can buy up to two beers while they sit down to a meal, or up to two six-packs to carry out.

Emily Fagan says that's a good thing. “You either had to go buy a case,” she
said. “We don't drink enough or go to a bar, so it's much more
convenient to get everything at one place.”

The supermarket isn't the only one in the area with beer sales. Cumberland, York, and Adams counties have them too.

“It's what our customers want,” said Chris Brand of Giant Foods. “We provide what they are seeking.”

So, is this the start of a trend? The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board says that depends on the demand. In the meantime, it's working to make sure state liquor stores are convenient too by placing them near grocery stores.

“It's really essential that our customers don't have to move the car to get their food, wine, and spirits. We're working on that,” said Joe Conti of the PLCB, “We will work to improve our locations in the future.”

But some say the fact that this is news at all, is part of the problem.

“Pennsylvania is behind the times with how we sell alcohol,” Fagan said.

By law, the Beer Garden has to be in its own section with its own entrance and cash register. Shoppers can't buy the beer up front.

The Linglestown Road location is the largest of Giant's seven Beer Gardens. The store has more than 800 varieties of beer and can seat up to 75 people.

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