Can you begin storm damage repair without insurance adjustor?

The cleanup continues throughout the Midstate from Sandy, and some homeowners aren't waiting for the insurance companies.

A Penbrook man took matters into his own hands Wednesday morning, hiring a Hocker Tree Company to remove a giant sycamore that came crashing onto his roof on 32nd Street Monday night during the height of the storm.

He told abc27 he needed to get back into his home as quickly as possible, and wasn't sure when his adjustor would arrive.

Insurance expert Gary Harshbarger with Gunn Mowery LLC in Lemoyne said homeowners are encouraged to take steps to repair damage right away because it cuts down on the risk of future damage.

He said just make sure you hold on to damaged property.

“Because the adjustor will want to see that,” Harshbarger said. “But there is nothing saying the adjustor needs to see it in the damaged state.”

Harshbarger suggests homeowners retain itemized receipts from companies, and even get a second estimate if they have time. He also encourages residents to take pictures of the damage before it's repaired.

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