Attorney offers advice on storm damage claims

The combination of harsh wind and heavy rain brought water through the windows of Andrew Barbin's home. The good news is that Barbin not only has a background in construction, he's also an attorney.

“The easier the claim is the faster you get paid, and I'll tell you I can prove that,” said Barbin. And he did.

Sandy moved through our area mere hours ago, but Barbin already has a check for the damage sitting on his kitchen table with a copy of the insurance companies guide on top. He had time to give us a tour of his Mechanicsburg home.

“If you don't get the water extracted as well as it needs to be, once it dries out it's going to stay a little damp and then you have a mold issue,” said Mac McClurg of Service 1st, a local disaster restoration team.

Service 1st hit two homes on the same street Wednesday.

“I went downstairs, got a piece of wood, nailed newspaper up so that it caught the water,” said Barbin.

That's a tip he says works better than towels, which can hold onto moisture.

Although he knew how to control the issue, Barbin knew his family needed an expert; a good idea according to McClurg, who says one of the biggest dangers following a storm like Sandy is the damage you can't see, hear, or smell.

“Last year with the storm, there were a lot of carbon monoxide issues inside the homes because if the gas powered pumps or gas powered generators are too close, the gas fills the house,” he said.

After this homeowner put his construction background to good use, he put his knowledge of the law into action. He did so by heading to his blog. That's where Barbin uploaded pictures of the damage so contractors could easily access them, then he wrote up an entry to help other Sandy victims navigate the rough insurance waters.

On the Web: Andy's Blog:

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