Storm preps underway in Cumberland County

At the Cumberland County Emergency Operations Center Friday was the “calm” before the storm.

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman, Megan Silverstrim, said the day was spent getting updates from the National Weather Service and communicating a plan with utility companies and local government agencies.

“We are increasing staffing in our 911 center, working close with our local municipalities to make sure they are prepared and they are ready, discussing things with our utility companies to make sure they are on the road and ready in case of widespread outages,” she explained.

Silverstrim recommends residents stock up on supplies in case of power outages.  She also kindly reminds residents to only use 911 for emergencies.  Power outages should be reported to utility companies, not 911, she said.

PennDOT crews also spent Friday getting ready for the storm, checking chainsaws and getting their gear ready for the road.

Safety press officer Fritzi Schreffler said they are expecting to clear a lot of debris from roadways.

“One of the things we are expecting is when you've got heavy winds and a lot of rain, we are expecting that trees are going to come down and be on the ground,” she said, “There may be a lot of debris on the roads and branches and other things out on the road.”

She wants to remind drivers to listen to warnings and to be careful driving under poor conditions and to pay attention to road barricades.

She also said drivers should not be alarmed if they start seeing snow-plows out on the roads.

“We want to let people know that that's because of all the rain and the potential for trees down and debris.  We can use those plows to move the things off the road, and then maybe get to the trees later once we get them off the road to keep travel going,” she said.

For updates on road conditions and power outages in Cumberland County, you can follow the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety page on Facebook.  After logging in, just search Cumberland County Department of Public Safety.

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