Rumors, criticism surround Kortne Stouffer case

About once a week, Scott Stouffer gets a call. On the other end of the receiver is someone filling him in on the latest rumor regarding his 21-year-old daughter, Kortne. Those rumors, however, have been wearing on him and his family.

“(We're) no closer to having our daughter back,” Stouffer said.

All the while an investigation has been ongoing. There has been a search involving local and state officials, who have also pulled in FBI resources.

So where are investigators with the case now? Stouffer said they're back to square one.

Admittedly, going back to the beginning is a standard tactic in law enforcement.  It's something that has Stouffer hopeful.

“Maybe going back and going through the whole investigation again will bring back a piece of information that can help authorities get to her,” Stouffer said.

But still, her father can't help but be critical of the investigation. Stouffer wishes authorities acted faster, nearly three months ago.

Kortne Stouffer was last seen at her Palmyra apartment July 29, after going out with friends in Harrisburg.

“No disrespect to any of the authorities, I don't believe everything that should have been done initially was done as quickly as it should have been done,” Stouffer said.

Stouffer's other criticism surrounds surveillance tapes. He and the family's attorney, Karl Rominger, were told an auto business near Kortne's apartment could have caught something critical on camera. However, the video from the night of her disappearance was recorded over. That's because, Stouffer said, authorities didn't try to track down the video until weeks later.

“I just feel that the comprehensive video canvass for instance just seems like a natural and normal thing at this day in age,” Rominger said.

Abc27 spoke to the Lebanon County District Attorney Dave Arnold about the case. He could not talk specifics, but assured us police are still doing everything possible.

Arnold said they are working on the case and are “hopeful for a resolution.”

He told harsh critics that they just don't know the in's and out's of the investigation.

Authorities have been relatively tight-lipped since Kortne's disappearance.

Though critical, Scott Stouffer believes authorities are still hard at work trying to locate his daughter.

“They are not quitting. I guess the worst thing would be if it got pushed off to the side, but there's a lot of determined people,” Stouffer said.






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