Generators sell out quickly as midstaters prepare for Sandy

People in Lebanon County are waiting for Hurricane Sandy. Last year, Lebanon was hit hard by Lee. A lot of homes had flooding damage. Now, people who live here want to be prepared just in case that happens again.
Today, they rushed to stores like Lowe's in Lebanon. Many are concerned about losing power, so they grabbed up the generators. The store quickly sold out of its entire stock, leaving some disappointed shoppers. The other big item was sump pumps. People will be trying their best to keep the water out of their homes in the days ahead.
“I guess it's supposed to be really bad, we haven't unpacked everything. We have a lot of boxes in our basement and we want to make sure that stuff doesn't get ruined,” said Ashli Breiner, who just moved into a new home in Jonestown.
“More people will be out of work tomorrow,” said Lowe's store manager Dennis Colbert. “They'll be coming in getting everything they need to get their house prepared and ready for the storm. The main thing is to get the water away from your house.”
A big concern in Lebanon is leaves clogging up storm drains. City crews were out clearing them away. The mayor is warning people not to place any more leaves in the street. On Saturday, you can dispose of your leaves at the Green Waste Center from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at no charge. 
People were also out picking up flashlights and batteries today. As for the generators, Colbert says truck loads are headed to our area in time for tomorrow morning. However, he doesn't expect them to be in the store for long.

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