Gettysburg’s electric map adds a new spark to Hanover

It's like something out of a James Bond movie: a sacred war map, hidden in an undisclosed location, brought out to dangle over city streets.

“At one time the story was that the map had to be destroyed,” said state Rep. Dan Moul. “Many hearts were broken, mine being one of them.”

History's hearts were spared as dozens came out to welcome Gettysburg's famous electric map to its new home.

“We placed our first bid, I think it was $10. Needless to say, $14,000 later, we won,” said Hanover investor Scott Roland.

Roland's winning bid bought him ownership of the 50-year-old map. Tuesday morning, it was brought by truck to Carlisle Street.

Roland's idea was to get the map inside of the old Wachovia Bank building, a plan he shared with his architect.

“I said 'come meet me over here at the bank building,' and I asked 'do you think this is feasible?' After he stopped laughing at me, he said, 'I think this can be done.,'” said Roland.

The map was separated into four different pieces, each weighing between 6,000-7,000 pounds, and hoisted by crane though a second-story window. The remaining two pieces will be brought in the same way Thursday.

“I remember seeing the map as a child and now I can bring my children to come see the map,” said Hanover Mayor Ben Adams.

Adams is confident that the map will bring a historical spark back to their community; a spark that after a year's worth of touching up will be powered by a computer.

“At one time this electric map told history. Today it has now become a part of our history,” added Moul.

The map was put on display in 1962 to honor the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The plan now is to restore it for a new batch of history buffs in time for the battle's 150th anniversary.

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