Criminal complaint filed against man accused in parade attack

Police have filed a criminal complaint against a Carlisle man accused of violently attacking an officer at the borough's Halloween parade.

Fredrick Pisano, 51, faces a second-degree felony count of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest, according to the complaint filed with District Judge Jessica Brewbaker.

Pisano had reportedly stepped in front of children and pushed them aside in order to get at the candy being tossed by parade participants Monday night when the officer approached him to speak with him, police said.

He immediately punched the officer in the head and aggressively attacked him until the officer fought back and eventually gained control of Pisano with the use of a Taser, according to Carlisle police.

He became unconscious as a result of the struggle and was taken to Carlisle Regional Medical Center, where he had been listed in stable condition.

Pisano has a history of schizophrenia and had served time in a mental hospital for killing his mother 23 years ago.

He received a 10- to 20-year sentence in 1991 after pleading guilty but mentally ill to third-degree murder in the strangulation death of Jean Pisano at their Mechanicsburg home in 1989, according to news and court records.

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