Sandusky lawyer: no legal grounds for revoking pension

Pennsylvania's public employee pension system has moved to revoke Jerry
Sandusky's pension, but an attorney on his defense team says there is no legal grounds to do so.

State Employees' Retirement System notified Sandusky by letter
that his crimes triggered forfeiture of his $59,000 annual pension.

“I understand that's what they believe the public wants,” defense attorney Karl Rominger said. “I don't think it's lawful, legal nor do I believe it will be successful.”

Rominger says said Sandusky has not been convicted of a crime which would call for a loss of his pension.

Pennsylvania's pension forfeiture law mostly applies to public employees convicted of a financial crime related to the office they held or when the employment enabled them to commit the crime, but it also applies to any public school employee convicted of a sex crime against a student.

“The only possibility would be if he were working at a school and would have abused a student of that school,” Rominger said. “I believe they're trying to use an overbroad reading of that subsection of the statute to make the revocation.”

former Penn State assistant football coach was sentenced Tuesday to at
least 30 years in prison for molesting 10 boys.

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