Family, neighbors want Perdix Fire Company back in service

Karen Taschek gave abc27 News a tour of what is left of her home on Firehouse Road in Penn Township, Perry County. The house was destroyed by a fire two weeks ago. The cause is still unknown.

“There is not much left,” Taschek said. “This was 34 years of hard work.”

The family is frustrated because they feel some of their home may have been saved if the closest fire company was allowed to respond.

Perdix Fire Company is less than a half-mile away from the Taschek home. It responded to the fire, but could only stand and watch because of an ordinance passed by East Penn Township supervisors.

The Taschek family had to wait for the Duncannon Fire Department to respond. They say the extra time cost them their home.

“My little sister ran and called 911,” Taschek's daughter Patricia said. “At that time there were only two rooms that were on fire on the back half of the house. When Perdix came it was only those two rooms. If they would have been able to respond it could have made a difference.”

“There was a second story and an attic and that all went up in flames by the time Duncannon was getting there,” she said.

News of the fire sparked people to take their frustrations to the supervisors meeting Wednesday night. Several people urged the supervisors to allow Perdix to respond to fires in the township. A lawsuit over the ordinance is currently in litigation.

“Things need to change because something is going to happen to somebody else,” Karen Taschek said. “I hope the fire companies will come together as a brotherhood and help us all figure this out, because people need them.”

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