Republican poll shows tight race for White House in Pa.

A new Republican-sponsored poll suggests the race for the White House is tight in Pennsylvania. The Republican poll has President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney by just one point. Republicans call it proof that Pennsylvania is in play for the upcoming election.

But the results differ from some other polls.

A recent Muhlenberg College poll has Obama up by nine points, and a Philly Inquirer poll has him up by 11.

Those latter polls may reflect what the Obama and Romney campaigns believe based on the lack of television ads and the lack of campaign stops in the Keystone state.

“I think if it were genuinely a one or two point race, you would see Mitt Romney spending on television ads and we're just not seeing that right now,” said Alexander Burns of Politico.

But Jim Lee of Susquehanna Polling and Research stands by his numbers.

“I really think we're looking at the potential to have a race that is decided by less than 200,000 votes,” Lee said.

Election day in November 6.

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