Pa. Army National Guard unit deploys to Middle East

A group of Pennsylvania Army National Guard soldiers has deployed for a mission in the Middle East.

28th Financial Management Company received a proper military send-off
Wednesday at the National Guard readiness center in Lebanon.

27 soldiers who make up the unit will be in charge of ordering supplies
and other financial responsibilities once they reach Kuwait.

One of those soldiers is husband and father of three, Sgt. Timothy Albright.

“Today came fairly quick, quicker than we anticipated or would've liked,” Albright said.

just got home from another deployment in December. Although his family
has been through this before, it doesn't make it any easier to say

“When you say your husband's a soldier in the Army
National Guard, it's a great feeling,” wife Melissa Albright said. “But
yet, everybody else gets to go home to their husband at night, whereas
mine is supporting everyone else's, so it is a bittersweet.”

miss being able to kiss the kids goodnight,” Sgt. Albright said. “I miss
their basketball games, the dance recitals, baseball games.”

duty calls, so family and friends hugged, kissed, cried and said
goodbye. Some held on just a few moments longer, because they know for
the next nine to ten months, the only place they'll be able to hold
their soldier is in their hearts.

“I hope it goes fast,” Melissa Albright said.

The soldiers will first receive mobilization training and will be gone for nine to ten months.

The 28th Financial Management Company is the most deployed military unit in the country with 11 deployments in 11 years.

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