Second teen claims teacher molested him

A second teenager says his music teacher molested him inside Bible Baptist School in Shiremanstown, according to court paperwork obtained by abc27 Wednesday.

Bill Jackson, 57, is currently under investigation by the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office for “indecent and/or sexual assault of minors.”

In a search warrant executed Saturday on Jackson's New Cumberland home, police said the parents of a 17-year-old boy showed police 19 pages of emails, texts and instant messages between Jackson and their son. Investigators said the exchanges exhibited “grooming behavior in language.”

In an email dated August 30, 2012, Jackson allegedly wrote: “Hey Sunshine. Don't know where you are, but I'm free…just taught my last lesson now.”

On August 31: “Wow, thank you (victim's name). You made my entire year. Oh, I do love you buddy. Yes, I am so looking forward to our days together. I'll always be there for you buddy.”

On September 2: “Can't wait to see you in those boxers!!! :):) Wwowsers!!!”

In an undated message, Jackson also allegedly asked the teen: “You will delete this whole thing…?”

The boy also told police that two years ago, Jackson fondled him in a music room at the school. He said Jackson was known to give massages to students when he was alone with them at school.

According to a second search warrant executed Tuesday on Jackson's former music room and office at Bible Baptist School, police interviewed a second 17-year-old who told them he was fondled by Jackson “2-3 times beginning in February.” The teen also said Jackson once asked him to masturbate in front of his, but he refused.

Detectives also recovered letters, pictures and two “personal massagers” from Jackson's office.

No charges have been filed, but authorities told abc27 this investigation is on-going and they plan to interview other students at the school over the next several days.

School spokesperson Erik Wiedman issued the following statement Tuesday evening:

“As advocates for children and their education, the BBS community is deeply saddened that a former employee is under investigation by the Cumberland County district attorney and the Shiremanstown police department. Our first thoughts and prayers are with the families impacted. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement.”

Jackson told abc27 via phone Tuesday he cannot comment until he obtains an attorney. No one answered the door at his home Wednesday afternoon.

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