Milton Hershey School settles HIV-discrimination lawsuit

Milton Hershey School will pay $700,000 to a 14-year-old Philadelphia boy and his mother to settle a federal discrimination lawsuit, according to the law firm that sued when the school rejected admission to the HIV-positive ninth grader.

Ronda B. Goldfein, executive director of the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, said in a news release that Milton Hershey School will also pay $15,000 in civil penalties to the U.S. Department of Justice,
which found the
school violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The settlement further requires that the school provide HIV training for its
staff and students, and to pay an undisclosed amount of attorney's fees
to the AIDS Law Project, Goldfein said.

The lawsuit was filed in November after school administrators refused to enroll the ninth grader over the “safety concerns” of other students.

Hershey School announced last month that it had changed its position and would no longer
deny admission to qualified applicants who have HIV.

school offered the boy admission for the fall semester, but he and his mother have declined.

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