Text message for pot accidentally went to police

A central Pennsylvania man is facing drug charges after he sent text messages seeking to buy marijuana to the wrong number: the phone of an off-duty police officer.

Joshua Neiderer, 19, of Glenville, was charged Friday with attempted possession of a small amount of marijuana after telling the officer where to find him, according to West Manheim Township police.

The charge stems from text messages received by West Manheim Pfc. Edwin Schneider, who was off-duty the evening of May 21 when he received the first message that read “Yo its josh n dougs
cousin u got ne mids,” according to police.

When Schneider replied “yo what u need,” the reply was
“a small of mid,” police said.

Schneider recognized “mid” as slang for marijuana and arranged a meeting at a store parking lot. Police said Neiderer even gave Schneider a description of his vehicle
and texted him “Aight il b there in 5.”

Minutes later, Neiderer texted “Yo I'm here
black expedition cowboys logo on the front,” police said.

Schneider and on-duty officers arrived at the store and found the Ford Expedition with Neiderer and another man
standing beside it. Officers spoke to Neiderer, who stated he was there
to get an “eighth of mids” from “JR” that he had been texting, police said.

then turned his phone over to officers, who saw the exchange that had taken
place between him and Schneider, police said.

Investigators were unable to determine the identity of “JR” or the actual number Neiderer was trying to text.

Police said Neiderer apparently never noticed the officer's automatic phone signature of “WMPD477,”
referring to West Manheim Police Department and his unit, #47-7.

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