Police investigating naked photos of local girls posted online

Naked photos of local young girls plastered all over a public Facebook page first sparked a controversy and then an investigation.

At first glance, The “Expose Harrisburg Smuts” Facebook page shocked 20-year-old Brielle Wittle.

“I said woah! No! No! No! … I was disgusted instantly,” said Wittle.

Wittle, a former East Pennsboro High School student who now lives in Hawaii with her husband, said her gag reflex was not just because the photos are pornographic, but because she recognized three of the girls. Each, she claims, were photographed under the legal age of 18.

“One girl in particular had said she had taken this photo over a year ago,” said Wittle. “[The photographed girl recently] just turned 18. So, [the explicit photo] had been taken before she was of [legal] age.”

Another woman called abc27 and told us her 14-year-old daughter discovered the page and noticed naked photos of some of her Carlisle-area classmates. Her daughter claims they too are under the age of 18.

abc27's Dave Marcheskie notified the Dauphin County District Attorney's Office, which said it was unaware of the page. That phone call sparked Dauphin County detectives to investigate.

“Expose Harrisburg Smuts” continues to grow in popularity. As of Friday evening, the page touted over 1,200 “likes.” The page displays about 40 photos of young females in explicit fashion. One photograph depicts a sexual act with a male.

“This needs to be taken care of,” said Wittle. “I hope it will be.”

The page owner has solicited photographs several times by posting an email address asking for young females to send in pictures.

Wittle said this 'kind of thing' is frequent.

“This is happening a lot and parents don't know,” said Wittle.

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