Family: Police spoke to Palmyra woman before she went missing

The parents of Kortne Stouffer say police investigated two disturbance calls at her Palmyra apartment just before the 21-year-old went missing nearly two weeks ago.

Stouffer's parents told abc27 news Friday that a friend stayed at the apartment in the early hours of July 29 after Stouffer and others returned from a night of dancing in Harrisburg.

Police had initially reported that the last person to see Stouffer was a neighbor, but her parents said she and a male friend came back to the apartment shortly after 3 a.m.

Neighbors called police twice that morning, according to Stouffer's parents. The first complaint was over Stouffer's dog. Police spoke with Stouffer and left, but returned later for a complaint of “banging and stomping.” During the second visit, Stouffer's parents said the officers left after no one answered the door.

“It's like a puzzle,” father Scott Stouffer said. “We just need some more pieces to come together. We need some help.”

Stouffer's father says he spoke with the male friend, who claims he and Stouffer went to sleep and he awoke in the morning to find Stouffer gone; leaving behind her car keys, cell phone, and her shoes.

Her parents say they know the friend well and are on good terms. Their daughter has known the man for about two years and her mother and father are aware of no problems between the two.

Her mother said she is trying to remain hopeful, but it's tough.

“How can you be in a house with someone and not know where they went?” Wendy Stouffer said.

Her parents believe someone knows where Stouffer is.

“I definitely feel she's alive, I do in my heart,” he said. “How
long, I don't really know, but I feel like we're not doing what we're
doing in vain. We're not giving up the fight.  Whoever has
her, you have no idea the family they took on. We want her back.”

The Stouffers are offering a reward that is now up to $24,000. Anyone with information is asked to call Palmyra police at 838-8188.

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