Police: man performed oral sex on victims as they slept

A man was arrested for performing oral sex on men as they slept, according to Harrisburg police.

Police said Dajuan Porter, 27, is accused of three separate sexual acts on men, as they were sleeping.

In May, a Midtown resident awoke in the middle of the night as a man was performing oral sex on him. The man had somehow climbed a fire escape and forced his way into the alleged victim's apartment.

In April, an alleged male victim reported that he went to a man's home after a gathering and socialized. He awoke in the late evening to find the man performing oral sex on him. He immediately stopped him and left the home.

In July, an alleged male victim went to a party and fell asleep, after drinking a bit. He awoke in the early morning hours as a man performed oral sex on him. He did not know the man and stopped him right away.

The offenses were investigated and the suspect was identified as Dajuan Porter in all three cases.

Porter was taken into custody on Wednesday morning and charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, three counts of sexual assault, and one count of burglary.

None of the alleged victims recalled drinking to excess and that aspect of the offense is also being investigated.





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