Man wore handgun to ‘Dark Knight’ movie

Pennsylvania law allows adults who can legally own a firearm to openly carry in most public places, but not everyone may agree with a man who chose to wear his pistol to a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The manager of Hanover's R/C Theatre, Kim Underwood, says she called police Monday evening after she was notified that a movie-goer had a handgun tucked into his belt.

She said she thought it was best to notify authorities given the killings of 12 people in Aurora, Colorado during the movie's midnight opening last week.

“They handled it accordingly after the movie was over. He was very
cool about it,” Underwood said of the 27-year-old gun owner.

There wasn't much to handle. Pennsylvania law allows open carry in businesses, although not everyone agrees it's a good idea.

“I support people's rights to carry guns and what have you, but a movie theater is another story,” movie-goer Santo Musotto said.

The gun owner, who we will not identify, told abc27 News that exercising his Second Amendment right is simply part of his routine.

“Most people will grab their wallet, keys, watch, put them on, put in their pocket. I pick up my pistol,” he said. “It's just one more thing for me.”

He said he does understand why, in the wake of the Colorado shootings, that some people might question his actions.

“Before I went to the theater, I thought about leaving my pistol at home, but if I change what I do on a daily basis and what I consider to be normal, then I consider that a win for him,” he said, referring to Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes.

The R/C Theater currently is considering a policy against carrying firearms.

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