Lawyers say they’ve found ‘Victim 2’ in Sandusky case

Attorneys for a man claiming to be a previously unidentified victim in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse case say they are representing him in a civil lawsuit against Penn State University.

The man claims he was the boy who was with Sandusky during a 2001 incident witnessed by Mike McQueary in a locker room shower. Prosecutors referred to him as “Victim 2” during Sandusky's trial.

He is represented by State College-based attorneys Justine Andronici and Andrew Shubin and the Philadelphia law firm of Ross Feller Casey, which issued the following statement on its website Thursday:

“Our client suffered extensive sexual abuse over many years both before and after the 2001 incident Michael McQueary witnessed in the Penn State Lasch building shower.

Penn State has now admitted and there is no longer any question that its top officials could have and should have prevented these acts.

Jerry Sandusky's abuse of Victim 2 and other children is a direct result of a conspiracy to conceal Sandusky's conduct and the decisions by top Penn State officials that facilitated and enabled his access to victims.

We intend to file a civil lawsuit against Penn State University and others and to hold them accountable for the egregious and reckless conduct that facilitated the horrific abuse our client suffered.

Our client has to live the rest of his life not only dealing with the effects of Sandusky's childhood sexual abuse, but also with the knowledge that many powerful adults, including those at the highest levels of Penn State, put their own interests and the interests of a child predator above their legal obligations to protect him.

We have conducted an extensive investigation and gathered overwhelming evidence regarding the details of the abuse he suffered.

This evidence includes numerous voicemails left by Sandusky in the fall of 2011 as the likelihood of his indictment became apparent.”

The lawyers also released audio recordings of two voicemails from September of 2011 and said the messages show that Sandusky was “attempting to exert control over their client even as his arrest for child sexual abuse became imminent.”

The voicemails can be heard at the Ross Feller Casey website,

The legal team represents other three other Sandusky accusers who were referred to by prosecutors as Victim 3, Victim 7 and Victim 10.

Sandusky is awaiting sentencing on 45 counts of child sexual abuse.

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