Teen claims video shows UFO over New Freedom

A York County teen says he saw something that can't be explained while he was at the New Freedom carnival Thursday night.

Alex Martin says he saw two bright orange lights, whipped out his cell phone and recorded it, then posted the video on YouTube. He's convinced his dark and grainy video is evidence of UFO's.

“It wasn't like coming over the trees or anything, it just appeared right there in the sky,” he said.

Alex is 19, a physics major at Duquesne University, and an Eagle Scout who loves astronomy and science fiction. He wrote his first sci-fi novel at 15 and, yes, he wrote about aliens.

“I have a history of science fiction. I know that's what it looks like, but this is something I have not seen before at all,” he said. “To me, the universe is infinite, so to think we're the only ones here is just not in my thinking.”

Martin said a friend was with him and saw the lights, but doesn't see the light when it comes to UFO's. She's skeptical.

Consider the police officially skeptical. The Southern Regional Police Department is next to the carnival grounds and had patrol officers there all night. They said it was a slow evening and no one reported seeing any UFO's.

But Martin is sticking to his story and his video. He said the lights couldn't have been from the carnival because it was too far away, and it couldn't have been a plane because it hovered. He says the lights were about a mile out and thousand feet up. Maybe he's got material for his next book.

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