Paterno family: restraining order request not from JoePa’s grandson

Last night, abc27 News reported that an injunction was filed by a man who claims he was molested by Jerry Sandusky at a Penn State football game in Wisconsin in 2002. The filer, Jonathan Bollinger, claims he is the cousin of former Wisconsin quarterback Brooks Bollinger.

Wednesday afternoon, Brooks Bollinger's father told abc27 News in an email that this is false.

“We do not have a nephew or cousin named Jonathan Bollinger,” he said. “This must be some kind of scam.”

On Wednesday afternoon, abc27 News received another filing for an injunction claiming Sandusky forced him to perform oral sex on him in a locker room during halftime at a Notre Dame game in Indiana. This was from a man claiming to be Joe Paterno's grandson. 

A spokesman for Joe Paterno's family said this, too, is false. 

Spokesman Dan McGinn said no one in the Paterno family filed this paperwork nor is anyone in the family claiming this abuse. 

The address listed on the Paterno paperwork was that of a Chuck E. Cheese's in Philadelphia. The address listed on the Bollinger paperwork was for a comedy club in Philadelphia. 

Both filings were made to U.S. district courts. The clerk's office in the Western District of Wisconsin, where the Bollinger paperwork was filed, said the filer did not submit the $350 filing fee or a civil complaint, which are required for the court to move forward. The clerk's office at the United States District Court Northern District of Indiana said the filer requested that the court, waive his filing fee. He also did not file a civil complaint. 

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