AG Kelly thanks victims for testimony against Sandusky

Attorney General Linda Kelly says Jerry Sandusky was a serial child predator who committed horrific acts upon his victims.

Kelly spoke to a cheering crowd that gathered at the Centre County courthouse after Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sexual abuse Friday night.

She thanked the prosecutors and investigators who worked on the case during the last three years, and to the young men who testified against the former Penn State assistant football coach.

“They have shown great strength and courage during this investigation, candidly and sometimes chillingly telling their stories, not only to the jury and a packed courtroom here in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, but also to the entire world,” Kelly said.

“It was incredibly difficult for some of them to unearth long-bearing memories of the shock and abuse they suffered at the hands of this defendant, and most of us cannot possibly fully comprehend what they endured when testifying in that packed courtroom,” she said.

“This trial was not something that they sought, but rather that forced them to face the demons of their past and to reveal what happened to them and their childhood when they met Jerry Sandusky.”

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