Sandusky jury emerges for explanation of instructions

The seven women and five men deciding the fate of Jerry Sandusky have asked the judge to clarify some of the jury instructions.

The charges in question are those related to a boy referred to by prosecutors as Victim 8.

A temporary janitor, Jim Calhoun, told co-workers he saw Sandusky sexually abusing the boy, who was about 11 to 13 years old, in a locker room shower in November 2000. The boy
has not been identified by investigators.

Calhoun now has dementia and was not available to
testify, but a co-worker, Ron Petrosky, told jurors what Calhoun told him.

“Janitors and hearsay of Mr. Calhoun as related to
you is not sufficient to sustain a conviction. You must have other
evidence that satisfies you,” Judge John Cleland
told the jurors. “Circumstantial
evidence has no lesser weight than direct evidence.”

The jury resumed deliberations behind the closed doors of Courtroom Two at 3:30 p.m., after about 45 minutes Cleland's explanation.

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