Family friend defends Sandusky

He has been called a “monster” and a “predatory pedophile,” and ultimately the seven women and five men serving as jurors in Jerry Sandusky's child sexual abuse trial will decide if the graphic allegations against the former assistant coach are true.

Every day since the trial has started, hundreds of media organizations have shown Jerry Sandusky entering the back doors of the Centre County courthouse, but every day, making a much quieter entrance, has been a lifelong friend of the Sandusky's, Kathy Sulkowski.

“I've never seen anything,” Sulkowski said. “I've known him since I was 10, for 45 years. I just have never seen anything but just a very loving man.”

Sulkowski has listened to the testimony and the arguments in the case, and is now hoping the jury of Sandusky's peers will see the man she describes as the “real” Jerry.

“I hope they look at all the material and find it's just not possible,” she said.

The jury began discussing the case Thursday afternoon and deliberated for about eight hours before calling it a night. They returned to the courthouse Friday morning.

If convicted, the 68-year-old Sandusky could spend the rest of his life
in state prison. He is charged with 48 counts related to 10 boys over 15
years. He has denied the allegations, but did not testify in his own


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