Prosecution urges Sandusky jury: Remember accusers

Prosecutors say Jerry Sandusky is a serial predatory pedophile who
preyed on the most vulnerable of children: young boys in need of a
father figure.

In his closing arguments Thursday, Senior Deputy Attorney General Joe McGettigan told the jury to convict the former Penn State assistant football coach of sexually abusing the boys he met through the charity he founded.

“What you should do is come
out and say to the defendant that he molested and abused and give them
back their souls,” McGettigan said. “I
give them to you. Acknowledge and give them justice.”

McGettigan said Sandusky used gifts and the Penn State football program to lure and abuse vulnerable boys who came from
troubled homes. He showed pictures of the accusers and told jurors to remember their faces; telling them that during the trial they heard from
young men, but the case, he said, is about young boys.

He then put a picture of Sandusky on a courtroom screen.

“This case is about him and what he did to them,” he said. “It's not about fame or money.”

In response to defense witnesses who testified that Sandusky has done a lot of good for the community, McGettigan responded:

“He was preying on those who were most vulnerable,” he said. “How much
good do you think he's really done?”

The prosecutor also spoke of Sandusky's interview with Bob Costas on NBC's “Rock Center,” in which the ex-coach seemed to hesitate when asked if he is sexually attracted to young boys.

“I would think the automatic response, when someone asks you if you're a pedophile, your immediate response would be
‘No! I'm not!'” McGettigan said, “not, ‘Am I sexually attracted to young boys?' and think
about it a little.”

McGettigan also said Sandusky
remembers an incident where he was seen with a young boy in a locker room shower by then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary because he saw McQueary.

He said Sandusky could exonerate himself completely of charges related to the boy, known as Victim 4, by providing his name. His identity is unknown to prosecutors.

“He didn't provide
that name, certainly not to Bob Costas,” he said.

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