Defense: Sandusky a victim of investigators

Jerry Sandusky's attorney says the former Penn State assistant football coach would have to be the “boldest
perpetrator in history” to have committed the sexual abuse crimes described by his accusers.

In his closing arguments Thursday morning, defense attorney Joe Amendola said Sandusky often took the young boys who accuse him to very public places, such as the sidelines of Penn State football games.

“Is that something
someone who does these horrible crimes does?” Amendola asked the jury. “It doesn't make sense.”

Amendola said many of Sandusky's accusers knew each other and claim they were sexually assaulted during the same time frame as others.

“Mr. Sandusky, if you believe their
testimony, was a very busy man,” Amendola said. “How in the world did he work?”

Amendola said Sandusky had children around him his whole life, but was never accused of a sexual crime until his mid-50's.

“Mr. Sandusky out of the
blue becomes a pedophile; starts abusing kids,” he said. “It doesn't make

Sandusky's attorney said the investigation started after the accuser known as Victim 1 argued with his mother about spending a weekend with Sandusky. He reminded jurors of a defense witness who testified the accuser and his mother later spoke of getting money from Sandusky for a new car and a home in the country.

The police, Amendola said, “made up their mind” there were more victims.

“The system decided that Mr. Sandusky was guilty and the system set out to convict him,” Amendola said.

He reminded jurors of the testimony of a state police investigator, who acknowledged that accusers were told of other alleged victims, and the testimony of a defense witness who said police pressured him to make accusations against the former coach.

Amendola criticized the testimony of former graduate assistant Mike McQueary, who testified he saw Sandusky in a locker room shower with a young boy. He said McQueary didn't go to police  and didn't do anything
to stop what he saw.

“I tell you, if they got in to a fight, my bet is on Mike McQueary,” Amendola said.

In the final moments of his closing arguments, Amendola said Sandusky only wanted to help children, but was arrested in a sexual abuse scandal that led to the firings of university president Graham Spanier and legendary football coach Joe Paterno, who died of cancer in January.

“Nobody wins in this case, it is awful no matter what
happened,” Amendola said. “I would be the first one to tell you if he did this he
should rot in jail, but what if he didn't do it? His life is

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