Trial Notes – Day Four

Court notes from Day Four of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse trial:

9:06 a.m. – Court is in session. The judge and jurors enter.

9:09 a.m. – Victim 6 takes the stand. He is not 25. He lived out of state but used to live in State College and in 1998. Prosecutor Joe McGettigan asks, “Are you nervous?” Victim 6 said, “A little bit.” He met Sandusky at a Second Mile picnic; he never went to the Second Mile camp but went to monthly activities. Victim 6 said he introduced himself to Sandusky because he was excited to meet him “I kind of grew up in a Penn State house…anything to do with Penn State I just wanted to be a part of it.” In 1998, Victim 6 was a huge football fan. He was 11 years old.

9:11 a.m. – Victim 6 said he just graduated from Bible College. McGettigan: “Is that your career plan?” Victim 6: “That's got a lot to do with it.” Victim 6 said he was alone with Sandusky in May of 1998. Sandusky invited him to go work out at a Penn State facility. Sandusky confirmed that with Victim 6's mom. His father was not around at the time. Victim 6 said he had never worked out “like we worked out” before. “I was really excited that day to work out and go see Jerry…he came, knocked at the door, I was already to go in my work out clothes…and him and my mother talked for a few minutes, just how the program was doing at Penn State, the team…after that conversation was over we walked to his car….I was sitting in the passenger seat. He reached over and put his hand over next to my knee, leg, knee, the top part. I remember feeling it. It was a little bit ‘off.' I moved toward the passenger door but it was still there so I just kind of rolled with it,” Victim 6 said. Victim 6 said Sandusky showed him around the locker room and he would let him try on the player's uniforms. Victim 6 said Sandusky gave him a pair of JoePa's socks. “I was thrilled with that,” Victim 6 said.

9:15 a.m. – They played “Polish bowling” and “Polish soccer” where you roll a ball of sports tape. “I believe it was just me and Mr. Sandusky…there was no one else in the building that I had seen.” They played those games in the hallways. After that, they wrestled a little bit on the carpet. “He was showing me how to pin…he would pin me…we were just kind of rolling.” “I felt a little uncomfortable with it but it was Jerry Sandusky so I didn't want to make him mad,” he said. “It was just a little bit, slightly uncomfortable because it was close contact and I didn't know him well.” After, Sandusky gave him gym shorts and maybe a shirt to wear. He was puzzled by this because he came dressed to work out. Sandusky then showed him some of the weight equipment and he tried some of it. This lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. While he was using he equipment, he said Sandusky was watching him. “I remember him saying, ok now it's time to shower, to rinse off. I remember, my immediate thought was, ‘I'm not even sweating yet.' But I didn't ant to be awkward with him about it so I said, politely, ok. So we left the gym area. So he let me unchanged in one of the locker room…He went in the other room…I started to get really uncomfortable as I was taking my clothes off because no one other than my parents had seen me like that.” Victim 6 said he put a towel around himself and “I walked toward the shower. He was already in there waiting, with his shower going.” Victim 6 said he chose a shower that was on the other side of the room from where Sandusky was showering. “Once I turned on the shower…on the other side of the wall, he said why don't' you come over to the shower next to him because he had already warmed it up for me…I really didn't want to…I went over and he made a lot of jokes to make me laugh…and was just joking around a bunch and started to tickle me. I think he said, he was the tickle monster. He started to tickle me, like underneath my arms and on my stomach and chest area. I believe at some points he grabbed me from behind and gave me a big bear hug and kind of lifted me out and said ‘I'm going to squeeze your guts out' in a playful manner.” He said Sandusky made a grunting noise. “I remember seeing his chest hair next to my face and thinking ‘this is icky.' I remember trying to get out of his grasp but in a joking manner so I wouldn't make him upset. More of the tickling occurred.” When Victim 6 started soaping up Sandusky said, “'Let me help you with your back where you can't reach'…he took soap and lathered it on to my back and shoulders and all…at that point it escalated, the uncomfortableness of it. At the same time I was trying not to make him mad that I was a bit awkward about it. Then he took me, put his hands around my waist and lifted me up to the shower head to get the soap out of my hair. I think my chest was to his chest…I remember having to close my eyes so soap wouldn't get in my eyes…and that's the last thing I remember being in the shower was just kind of black.”

Victim 6 said he remembers just trying to keep his eyes looking up. Victim 6 said he doesn't even remember Sandusky putting him down. “I got home somehow, everything else is blacked out. I just don't remember,” he said.

Victim 6 said when he got home he told his mom, “If you're wondering why my hair's wet, it's because we took a shower.” “She came in to my room a few minutes later and asked me what I just said…I told her bits and pieces, I didn't tell her exactly what happened.” Victim 6 said he didn't talk to anyone else about what happened in the shower that day. He later talked to the police three or four times. Victim 6's mother called the police.

“It wasn't a big deal to me,” he said. “It was over, I just thought she was making a big deal out of it.”

Victim 6 said when police were interviewing him, “I thought I did something wrong.” He said he saw Sandusky a couple of times afterwards, including at a baseball game Sandusky came to. Victim 6 said he is still a big football game today. Victim 6 said he was going to nearly every home game; someone would pick Victim 6 up. Sometimes it was Sandusky, sometimes it was another person who took him to Sandusky's house with the other kids. Victim 6 said he got tickets from Sandusky for several years afterwards.

“We differed on it, because I just thought she was trying to get him in trouble…I would always talk light of him…She would always keep her mouth shut and I knew we were just on different pages.” After the day in the shower, Victim 6 said he was not alone with Sandusky again.

“I was a very small kid then.”

9:31 a.m. – Victim 6 said he was not scare on the way home after he showered with Sandusky.

9:32 a.m. – Cross-examination by Joe Amendola begins. Victim 6 said he was 11 when he first met Sandusky. Victim 6 said he first started spending time with Sandusky about a month after he first met him. Victim 6 said he and Sandusky were not sweaty when they were done working out. Sandusky told Victim 6 it was probably mid-afternoon when he showered with Sandusky. Victim 6 said when Sandusky bear hugged him, “I remember my head being right next to my chest hair and it was grossing me out.” Victim 6 said Sandusky was not groping his private areas or asking Victim 6 to grope his private areas.

9:34 a.m. – Amendola asks Victim 6 if Sandusky had an erection. Victim 6 said, “I tried my very best not to look down.” Victim 6 said he cannot remember anything after Sandusky lifted him up to the shower head. “It was a brief exchange when I got in the doorway,” Victim 6 said, “I just gave her a brief statement about the player's equipment I tried on and I said ‘if you're wondering why my hair is wet it's because we took a shower' and then I took off in to my room.”

9:36 a.m. – Amendola reads from the grand jury testimony when Victim 6 was asked about who dried him off. At the grand jury he said he thought he dried himself off but he could not remember. Amendola asks Victim 6 if he had been taught what good and bad touching was. He said he didn't think so.

9:27 a.m. – Amendola asks him about getting Sandusky in trouble: “Yeah, I didn't want to get him in trouble,” Victim 6 said. “Because I still wanted to hang out with him and go to the game and he, he told me about, he had, this was back in 1998, he told me that he had a computer and that he would let me sit on his lap and we would get on the computer together and I wanted to do that.”

Amendola asks if Victim 6 wanted to “still have sort of a father-son relationship with Sandusky.” Victim 6 said “friends.” Victim 6 said he did not know if Sandusky was charged. Victim 6 said his mother still let him spend time with Sandusky; he went to many football games with Sandusky and stayed in regular contact with him. Victim 6 went on a mission's trip to Sandusky when he was about 23 years old. Victim 6 gave Sandusky and Dottie a support letter from his school. They gave him a small donation.

9:41 a.m. – When he came back from school, he would go over the Sandusky's house and eat. He would go to games with a group of people and the Sandusky's. “We have not discussed what happened to us at all…I didn't even know he was a part of this…to my knowledge, no and I don't think he would have. He didn't even want to do this. Victim 6 knows Victim 7.

9:42 a.m. — Victim 6 said he got an attorney around February. Victim 6 said he thinks Victim 7 has an attorney. Victim 6 said he has not paid his attorney any money but he did sign something to let him represent him. Victim 6 said he believes his attorney is in the building now. Victim 6 said he borrowed Sandusky's car in 2011. The last time he went to a game with tickets from Sandusky was at the Michigan game in 2010. Sandusky offered Victim 6 his car one Saturday, he gave it back to him right after church on Sunday. Victim 6 met Sandusky and Dottie for lunch at a restaurant in State College in the summer of 2011. Victim 6 said the conversation was light and they were just catching up. He said Sandusky did not mention the investigation. Victim 6 said Sandusky called him to try to locate Victim 7. Victim 6 said when Sandusky called he sounded concerned. Sandusky did not try to ask him about the investigation.

9:48 a.m. — Victim 6 said he called to send well wishes to Sandusky on holidays, including Father's Day. “Yes, I did that to many people,” he said. Amendola shows Victim 6 a Thanksgiving car he sent to Sandusky that read, “Happy Thanksgiving, bro. Glad God has placed you in my life. You are an awesome friend. Love ya, [Victim 6].” Victim 6 confirms that this was his handwriting. There was also a Father's Day card where Victim 6 wrote, “Hey Jerry, just wanted to wish you a happy Father's Day. Great things are yet to come.”

9:50 a.m. – Amendola asks what changed between now and then. “What happened was when I was contacted in January 2011, state police officer contact me that this resurfaced and, I, I told him I would cooperate with it and he told me he wanted me to think about what happened in '98 again and as I started to think about it, as I started to go over it in my mind…my perception changed as I started thinking about it in my mind as an adult than as an11 year old…clearly it was inappropriate.”

“I hadn't thought about the shower incident, that was put out.” Victim 6 said police mentioned that there were other victims but would not give him details. Amendola asks if Victim 6's change in perception had to do with him hiring a civil attorney and thinking that there could be financial gain. “Zero…just the change in my perception.”

“You're telling us after you sent those messages your perception changed.” January of 2011.

9:53 a.m. – “I had moved on from it, no, I did not think about it.” Victim 6 said when he was 11 he didn't think much of it other than that he was interviewed by a lot of cops.

McGettigan asks him what has changed. “I feel violated…I've gone through a lot of emotion roller coasters since then.' Victim 6 said no one has asked him to change his story and no one has asked him to say anything that was not the truth. Victim 6 said McGettigan always told him to tell the truth.

9:56 a.m. — Victim 6 steps off the stand. McGettigan calls Ronald Shreffler. He is employed by the Department of Homeland Security. He was formerly employed by Penn State police as a criminal investigator from 1972 to 2006.

9:57 a.m. – Victim 6's mother called Shreffler saying her son had been in a shower with a Penn State employee. He asked her to bring her son in to the police office and she did so. Shreffler said Victim 6 told him he met Sandusky through the Second Mile and that Sandusky contacted him about going to the gym at Penn State University. He said Sandusky was in the shower with him, there was shampoo in his hair and Sandusky held him up in the shower to wash the shampoo out of his hair. Victim 6 told Shreffler they wrestled and that Sandusky bear hugged him from behind in the shower. Shreffler said Victim 6 was very laid back during the interview. Victim 6's mother appeared agitated. I found out during the interview that there was another individual who had been in the shower with Sandusky who was a friend of Victim 6. Shreffler said he contacted the police and the district attorney.

10:00 a.m. – Shreffler told Victim 6's mother to solicit conversation from Sandusky about her son being in the shower with her. Victim 6's mom told Sandusky to come pick Victim 6 up so he went to their home. Shreffler and another police officer hid in the home to listen to the conversation between Victim 6's mother and Sandusky. Shreffler said Victim 6's mother expressed concern about her son's hair being wet. She said she didn't think it was right for him to shower with her son. She said her son had been having trouble sleeping. “He just hadn't been the same,” she said. Sandusky asked if she wanted Sandusky to talk to Victim 6. Sandusky said he was upbeat last time he saw her. She said that she thought that was inappropriate.

10:04 a.m. – Shreffler said he wanted to get the district attorney on board right away. Shreffler said Victim 6 was interviewed by John Seesuck (sp?) and Alicia Chambers (sp?), a counselor and a psychologist. Seesuck was a counselor with Children and Youth. The district attorney did not want this to happen but Children and Youth and the Department of Welfare wanted this to happen. Shreffler asked Victim 6's mom to make another phone call to Sandusky. She did so and Sandusky came over again. Shreffler had instructed Victim 6's mother in the type of questions she should ask Sandusky. Again, Shreffler was hiding in the home to hear the conversation. Victim 6's mother said her son was upset and had not been the same. Shreffler said he heard Sandusky say: “I wish I could ask for forgiveness; I know I will not get it from you; I wish I were dead.” This is a quote from Shreffler ‘s memory. Shreffler said Sandusky was very upbeat when he came in. After Victim 6's mother told him it was not a good idea for her to take her son, he continued the conversation at the door for a while.

10:08 a.m. – After hearing Sandusky say this, Shreffler said he felt there was more that Victim 6 had not told him. Shreffler said he spoke with nGricar on a couple of occasions. Shreffler said he contacted Sandusky a couple of days later along with someone from the State Department of Welfare. They went to interview Sandusky at the Lasch Building. Shreffler said he cold “only assume” why the State Department of Welfare was there instead of the county.

10:11 a.m. – Shreffler said he met with Sandusky to discuss an incident that took place on May 3 between 7 and 9 p.m. Shreffler asked Sandusky if he had ever been in the shower with other young boys. Sandusky said yes but that nothing sexual had taken place. Shreffler said Sandusky was concerned about the effect it could have on Victim 6. “I would tell you not to shower with young boys again…he stated something to the effect that he did think it was inappropriate.” Shreffler said he did not further inquire about how many other young boys he had showered with. I think he stated something to the effect that …he used the term “bad judgment.” Shreffler said he recalls Sandusky saying he would not shower with young boys again. Shreffler said he never made a recommendation that charges be lodged. He said he felt there should be but “something with the DA” and they never were.

10:14 a.m. – Amendola begins cross-examination. Shreffler said he had been an investigator for over 20 years. Amendola asks Shreffler if the district attorney, Gricar, had enough evidence to press charges. He said Gricar decided not to.

10:18 a.m. – Amendola has Shreffler read parts of the interview with Victim 6. He said, “No he just gave the bottle of shampoo and I shampooed my hair and everything.” Victim 6 said definitively in that interview that Sandusky did not have an erection. Victim 6 said Sandusky lifted him up to get the shampoo out of his hair. They asked Victim 6 if Sandusky touched him anywhere inappropriate. Victim 6 said no. Victim 6 said he knew what a good and a bad touch was. A good touch being a handshake and a bad touch being touching something you're not supposed to. Victim 6 said Sandusky did not touch him inappropriately. In the interview, Victim 6 was asked many times if Sandusky touched him inappropriately and Victim 6 said no every time. Shreffler asked him if he wasn't telling them everything so that Sandusky would not get in trouble. Victim 6 then told Shreffler that Sandusky kissed him on the head after he used one of the work out machines, “like you would kiss your child.”

10:24 a.m. – In that same interview, Victim 6 said he had a gut feeling. They told him feelings were important and he said, “My mind said this feels weird.” Victim 6 said in this interview that when Sandusky lifted him up, his feet were maybe 6 feet away from Sandusky's (edit). Shreffler said he and Gricar disagreed about whether or not there should be charges filed.

10:55 a.m. – Court is back in session. Victim 3 takes the stand. He is now 25-years-old. He is in the Army National Guard and has been for six years. He is a sergeant in the infantry. He served in Iraq in 2008 and 2009. He was living with his mother and younger brother. He does not remember the last time he saw his father. Victim 3 said he got involved with the Second Mile through the Big Brother, Big Sister. Victim 3 said “I wasn't the best behaved kid….” When he was in fifth grade. He went to a Second Mile camp more than one summer.

10:56 a.m. – Victim 3 was introduced to Sandusky through a counselor at the Second Mile camp. This was his second year at camp. Sandusky asked him if he wanted to go to his football camp. Victim 3 had never been to football camp before and he wanted to go. Sandusky drove him and it was an overnight camp. Victim 3 said he thinks they were alone in the car when they were driving then someone was with them on the way back.

10:58 a.m. — Victim 3 said almost right away Sandusky put his hand on his knee. “That was a big thing for Jerry, rubbing the knee and the inside of the way and tickling me and stuff,” he said. Victim 3 went to a Blue and White game at Penn State after the football camp; it was his first Penn State game. He watched the game from the sidelines with Sandusky. After that, Victim 3 stayed at his house pretty frequently. He also went to New York with Sandusky. Sandusky was giving a motivational speech and he stayed alone in the hotel with Sandusky. Victim 3 said he told his mom he was going with Sandusky. He told his mom. Victim 3 said he was not getting along well with his mom then. Victim 3 said he stayed at Sandusky's house about 50 times over a three year span. Sandusky would invite him. McGettigan asked why he wanted to go: “He was like a father to me,” he said. Victim 3 would stay there during the week; Sandusky would pick him up from middle school. They would then go home, to play racquetball, to the gym or Holuba hall. Victim 3 most of the time he was the only one who slept over. He said Sandusky and his wife Dottie stayed there. Victim 3 said he always slept downstairs and only slept upstairs once. Victim 3 stayed in a bedroom downstairs. The room has a big waterbed.

11:03 a.m. — Victim 3 said when he lived with his mom he didn't have a lot of stuff. Victim 3 said he played shuffle board with Sandusky downstairs. He said he went to a few other football games. Between 1999 and 2001 he went to about four football games. His family would take him because Sandusky was coaching.

11:05 a.m. — Victim 3 said Sandusky came downstairs while he was sleeping. “I didn't really think it was weird at the time, until later on. He would come in. he would have his shirt off and I would have all my clothes on and he would ask me why I wanted to sleep with all my clothes on…so eventually I would strip down to my underwear to sleep in….he would sit on the edge of the bed, he would talk to me and make me laugh. I remember he made me laugh and he got excited, jumped in to bed with me and started tickling me, blowing on me, blowing on my stomach and pelvis. Sometimes he would touch my (edit). “It was frequent, pretty frequent.” Victim 3 said he does not remember if this happened the first time he slept over.

11:07 a.m. — Victim 3 said Sandusky would tickle him on his kneecap and then work his way up his thigh. He would tickle his stomach. “I was enjoying the things that I was getting too much and stuff like that.” “He would put my face down on my stomach like you would blow on a little kid's stomach.” Victim 3 said that would made him laugh. Sandusky would rub his shoulders, kiss his shoulder, that's about it. This happened on more than one occasion; most of the times he slept over. Victim 3 said most of the time he would eat at Sandusky's house they would go out to dinner, to Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse. They went to the gym a few times. “I didn't like to do anything at the time … I wasn't in to the gym at the time … .I was lazy, I guess.” Victim 3 said Sandusky would get him to do some things at the gym. Afterwards, they would go get a shower.

11:10 a.m. – The first time they took a shower he went in to the shower. “I had never showed with another man, let alone a grown man before….he coaxed me and coerced me in to taking off my clothes.” Sandusky turned on his shower and one next to him. When Victim 3 entered he turned on a shower further away. Sandusky would make him feel bad about that, like that he didn't love him or that he was scared of him. “He would wash my shoulders, my butt, my back…he would pick me up and bear hug me.” He said Sandusky would do this from the front and back. This happened every time they went to the gym. Victim 3 said he didn't like this but never told anybody about it.

11:12 a.m. – When he was 12 years old, Victim 3 said he started to feel funny about the things that would happen in bed. Victim 3 said Sandusky touched his (edit). “He would touch me and rub me and grab me and he gave me an erection and at that time I would try to roll over and get away from him. That's pretty much where it would stop….I wouldn't let it go any further,” Victim 3 said. “I knew that wasn't supposed to happen from a man…I mean, I was a kid, I had obviously seen pornographic videos and stuff because I knew kind of what was going on and that it wasn't natural for an older man…,” he said.

11:13 a.m. — Victim 3 said he didn't say anything to Sandusky because, “He made me feel like I was part of something, a family … he gave me things … I didn't want to give any of it up.” McGettigan: Did you like him? Victim 3: “I loved him.” Sandusky told Victim 3 he was like extended family and “unconditionally loved.” Victim 3 said this made him feel like he was a part of his family; he did not feel like he was a part of his own family at the time. Victim 3 said he did not like the things Sandusky was doing to him.

“The reason why I broke it off with Jerry was because I had to go away. I got sent away to a group home, to two different group homes and then to foster care where I eventually graduated from,” he said. “I had no further contact after that time,” Victim 3 said. He said his mother sent him to the group home. He said he was mad at Sandusky because, “He never contacted me; he never contacted my mom to find out where I was.” Victim 3 was in foster care for three years. After he graduated, he joined the army.

McGettigan asks him if he is angry. Victim 3 said “I am invigorated right now…I'm mad. I'm raged. I'm hurt.” Why are you hurt? “Because he could just forget about me like I was nothing after…I got sent away and that was it.” Victim 3 said, “I would pray he would call me; maybe find a way to get me out of there, maybe adopt me or something.”

11:19 a.m. — Victim 3 said the police found him. He didn't tell them everything the first time he saw them. “I didn't want anything to do with this.” Victim 3 said he testified before the grand jury. He now has a lawyer; the lawyer came to him. McGettigan: Would you rather have one lawyer or two?: “I would rather have one.” McGettigan: Which one? Victim3: “You”

11:20 a.m. – Amendola begins cross-examination. He asks him if he knows Victim 4. He said yes. He said he has not lived close to Victim 4 since then. Amendola mentions the name of the apartment complex where he lived. Victim 3 said he did not know Victim 4 lived there. Amendola asks Victim 3 about the first time he spoke to police. Victim 7's lawyers approached Victim 4 and asked them if he would like to be represented by them. He said yes. This was after the preliminary hearing. Victim 3 said he met with his attorneys six times. Victim 3 said he has not paid them any money. He said he signed a paper with his attorneys but he doesn't remember what it was. Amendola asks when he first said that Sandusky kissed him on the shoulder. He said the first time he met McGettigan in the shower. Victim 3 said everything he said today he told McGettigan and his attorneys. Amendola asks if he remembers telling the Grand Jury that the number of times he slept over Sandusky's was in the upper 20s. He asked about the discrepancy and Victim 3 said, “Everything that is coming up now is because I thought about it more…it tried to block this out of my brain for years.” Victim 3 says that Sandusky never performed oral sex on him or asked Victim 3 to perform oral sex on him.

11:33 a.m. – McGettigan questions again. McGettigan asks if he has asked Victim 3 to say anything other than the truth. “You just asked me to say what happened and that's all I've done.”

11:37 a.m. – Cleland: We will take a long lunch recess so the prosecution can work out details. The prosecution should be done with their case this afternoon.

Jerry Sandusky trial, day 4, afternoon session:

1:27 p.m. – Court was supposed to recess at 1 p.m. Attorneys and Sandusky enter. Sandusky is seated at the table with a paralegal. He's wearing khakis, a white shirt and tie with a jacket. He talks with the paralegal while all the attorneys exit the courtroom again.

1:44 p.m. – Judge Cleland and the jury enters and court is in session. Cleland: sometimes thing happen that are “unexpected and unanticipated … these are real people and sometimes things happen that we don't plan and anticipate.” The judge says they were not able to work everything out over the lunch hour. There was an issue with the Costas interview they played yesterday. The judge said there were some issues with the clip from yesterday so jurors are to rely on a transcript when they are deliberating and conserving that audio.

1:48 p.m. – Another prosecutor working with the AG's office, Frank Fina, calls Anthony Sassano to the stand. He is an agent with the attorney general's office and he has been for 12 years. Before that he was a detective for the police at the Altoona police department; he worked there for a total of 20 years. Sassano graduated from Penn State University in 1975. This investigation was a joint mutual investigation with the attorney general's office and the Pennsylvania State Police. The investigation opened in December of 2008, when a police officer interviewed Victim 1, who alleged sexual abuse by “that man, right there with the gray hair, Jerry Sandusky.” Under normal circumstances the case would have been investigated by the district attorney; however, the DA had a conflict of interest so the state police took up the case. First testimony was before the grand jury was in the June of 2009. An anonymous email was sent to state police saying that police needed to speak to Mike McQueary and that he knew something about Sandusky. “It was a daunting task to try to get other victims to come forward…everyone here saw these young men testify,” to get 15 and 16 year old boys to get to admit to sex acts was difficult. “Nobody would want to sit here and talk about their sexual experiences,” he said.

1:55 p.m. – Fina asked about how many children Second Mile was involved with. He said ????. The judge requests to see the attorneys at the sidebar. Fina then goes to whisper something in Sassano ‘s ear. The state police obtained a list of people who had been involved with the Second Mile. They chose to interview participants who lived within an hour of State College. Police later obtained Sandusky's autobiography, “Touched.” They used the photographs in this book to help identify some potential people he interviewed. They also used photographs provided by Penn State's university. Sassano decided they wanted to see if any other assaults happened on campus. They decided to talk to the janitors who could have witnessed assaults in the Lasch Building. In order to get these janitors names, they had to send subpoenas to Penn State and “Penn State to be quite frank was not very quick in getting us our information.” Someone referred the police to Victim 3 and said he had spent a lot of time with Sandusky.

2:02 p.m. – Fina asks Sassano to describe the size of the staff locker room in the Lasch Building. He said 13×6 feet. Sassano said the shower is extremely bright; if you walked in the door of the locker room you could see that someone was in the shower. The staff locker room is shaped like a ‘T'. Sassano describes the Sandusky house: the steps for the basement are past the kitchen; Sasanno it was basically like an arcade down there. There was a bedroom with a water bed.

2:07 p.m. — Sasanno obtained a search warrant for the property on June 21, 2011. They obtained documents at Sandusky's home. They found some photographs of victims in this case. They show pictures of Victim 1 at sporting events including track and wrestling meets; Victim 1 at a stadium; a photo of Sandusky, Victim 1 (with wet hair) and a dog, Sandusky was smiling and had his hand on Victim 1's shoulder. At Sandusky's home, they also found camper lists – a list of children who participated in Second Mile camps on Penn State's campus. It was found in a closet. The list is a simple alphabetical list with addresses and phone numbers. Next to some names there are stars. Next to Victim 9's name there are two asterisks/stars. Next to Victim 1's name there is a single asterisk. While the rest of the attorneys and jury look at the document displayed on the screen, Sandusky looks at Sasanno. Next, a spreadsheet is shown. This one is also an alphabetical list of names, Victim 9's name is also on the list. There is a dash next to his name. At the top of the paper there is a handwritten note with his Victim 9's phone number and mother's name. On another page there is a handwritten note that says individuals names, the words “medium” or “small” and numbers. They appear to be their shoe sizes. A copy of the Sports Illustrated was also found at Sandusky's residence. It was signed and addressed to Victim 4: “To [Victim 4], you will always be special. May you find a way to make your…” signed Jerry Sandusky. A still photo is also shown of Victim 4 on the sidelines of a football game with Sandusky.

2:22 p.m. – From the Director of Football Operations at Penn State they were able to obtain itineraries. On the itinerary for the 1998-99 Outback Bowl, records show that Sandusky requested a cot for his hotel room while they were at the bowl game. Sandusky, Dottie and Victim 4 and traveled with the team.

2:26 p.m. – McQueary testified that he was watching the movie “Rudy” the night he witnessed an alleged assault in the locker room shower. Sasanno searched TV Guides to find when the movie was playing. It played on February 9, 2001 at 8:05 p.m. and ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Sasanno also looked at Penn State employment history to try to verify the date. The McQueary friend, Dr. Dranov said he thought the year was 2001 but it could have been 2002.

Side note: A male juror in the front row is chewing on the end of his pen.

2:31 p.m. – Room 134 in the East Area Locker Room – Sandusky's old office. Sasanno searched this office which had about 20 boxes. There were video tapes and paper documents. There was a makeshift trophy found with Victim 4's name on it. There are several pictures of Victim 4 wearing LaVare Arrington's uniform. The pictures depict Victim 4 in several different poses, one with Sandusky.

2:38 p.m. – There is a document with Victim 3's name on it. It's Second Mile document. Fina asks how he knew, Sasanno said it's because it says second Mile on it. The courtroom and jury chuckle. There's a 1995 camper list. There's an asterisk next to Victim 7's name. On the 1998 camper list is Victim 3's name with an asterisk next to it. There are asterisks next to the names of other individuals as well. They also found letters addressed to Victim 4. These letters were identified by Victim 4 during his testimony. All these documents were found in boxes abandoned by Sandusky in the East Area Locker Room. They also displayed the program contracts with Victim 4's name on them. They found both a signed copy and a draft. The signed copy agreed to pay Victim 4 $60/week. The draft said $26/week. “The ‘B-J' Story” was also recovered in this location. Sasanno read this. Sandusky smiles as the letter is read. At first, he smiles with his mouth open, showing his teeth. Then he smiles with his mouth closed. The story refers to Victim 4 as Sandusky's best friend. It talked about their comradery and then how Victim 4 was swallowed by a cloud of smoke – by apathy, by “I don't care.” The letters says the “players” miss Victim 4. “Jer needs a ‘best friend.'…he is too proud to ask for a friend.” “Jer wants to be there till the end…”

Another document in Sandusky's handwriting says: “I am a great pretender. I pretend that I can sing, I pretend about many things. However, I cannot pretend about my feeling but I want you to always remember that I care.” Signed: “Not always a pretender”

Finally, a Second Mile brochure is showed. There was one picturing one of the victims.

2:53 p.m. – Amendola begins cross-examination. He asks if there were photos of others in the boxes the discovered in the locker room. Sasanno said: “There seemed to be an awful lot concerning [Victim4].” Amendola says the Pretender document could have been mass produced and given to each participant at a Second Mile event or camp.

Side note: Sasanno has been present in the courtroom throughout the entire trial.

Court breaks until 2:20 p.m.

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day 4, Late Afternoon

3:30 p.m. – Court is back in session. The prosecution puts forward a stipulation, which the judge explains is something that both the defense and prosecution agree is something that a witness would say if here were called back on the stand and asked again. McGettigan says that Ron Petrosky would have said the boy he saw in the shower was between 11 and 13 years of age.

3:34 p.m. – Victim 9 is called to the stand. He is 18 and graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago. He has a patch over one of his eyes, which he says is from an abrasion on his eye. McGettigan asks him if he is here to repeat anything he said before. McGettigan asks why he is here today. “To speak the truth” Are you gonna do that? “Ya.”

He lived with his mom in a trailer. His dad was not around and he doesn't remember the last time he saw them. Victim 9's boyfriend also stayed over there sometimes. He went to Second Mile summer camps a couple of times. He met Sandusky in the pool at camp. “He was playing with the kids in the pool…he started talking to me, asking me if I wanted to hang out outside of camp.” Victim 9 said Sandusky called his mom to ask and then later they spent time together. The first time they spent time together they went to Sandusky's house and to football games. The first year he met Sandusky Victim 9 said he went to more than one home football games. A few weeks after Victim 9 met Sandusky, he stayed the night at Sandusky's home. He said he stayed over his house for three of four years. He said the last time he stayed over his house was in 2008 or 2009. He said he was 12 when he met Sandusky.

3:39 p.m. – Did anything uncomfortable happen the first time you were there: “Not really no, at first it was nice, and stuff.” Sandusky would take him out to dinner, etc…Sandusky gave him sneakers, racquetball equipment, etc. Did he do something to make you feel uncomfortable, “Ya.” “He would come to the bedroom with me when I would go to bed and start burring my stomach and stuff…hugging and kissing me and stuff,” he said. Victim 9 said he told Sandusky to stop. Victim 9 said he told his mom Sandusky was a ‘touchy feely type of person.' Victim 9's mom worked at a bar at the time, she still let him see Sandusky.

3:41 p.m. – After that Sandusky told him he loved him and wanted the best for him. “If we were in the pool he would never let go…he would always have his arms around me,” he said. He was about 60 or 70 pounds at this time. Sandusky would then kiss him on the cheeks and later on the lips. The Victim pauses. “He started getting physical…Made me touch his (edit) and stuff,” he said. Victim 9 said he did not want to keep going to Sandusky's home. He said he kept going because his mom wanted him to. McGettigan asks why, he said: “How you suppose to tell your mom something like that?” “He made me..uh, how do you put it…suck his (edit), is that how you put it,” Victim 9 said. “He came in the room, pulled his pants down, laid on top of me, kind of forced it in.” Did he say anything?: “Ya, he said ‘suck my (edit).'” Victim 9 said he did not want to do it. McGettigan asked him why he did it?: “What was I gonna do? Look at him, he's a big guy, he was bigger than me at the time, way bigger than me.” Victim 9 said Sandusky never touched his (edit). He stayed at his house almost for every weekend from Friday to Saturday between 50 to 100 times. Sandusky kissed him on all of those occasions. Sandusky made him give him oral sex on some of those occasions. Victim 9 stayed in the basement and Sandusky was the only one downstairs.

3:46 p.m. – How long did this take?: “I dunno, a while.” He said Sandusky was usually dressed in khakis and a T-shirt.

“He…uh…put his (edit) in my (edit), if that's how you would have to put it.” He said this happened first when he was between 13 and 15 years old.

What happened the first time he tried to have anal sex with you?: “He came in, I (edit) and then he got real aggressive and forced me into it…I just went with it. There was no fighting against it.” Victim 9 said sometimes he would scream or tell him to get off of him. “No one could hear you down there, we were always down there.”

Victim 9 said the last time he stayed at Sandusky's house he called his mom and told her to come pick her up. He didn't tell her why. Victim 9 said he wanted her to pick him up because Sandusky was trying to be physical with him and he had enough of it. “I called my mom because I had a cell phone finally…” Victim 9's mom came and picked him up.

3:49 p.m. — Victim 9 said Sandusky would sometimes pick him up from his home or from school. Victim 9 said sometimes when he would have days off from school he would stay over more than once. Other than what was happening in bed, Victim 9 said Sandusky was nice, bought him gifts and stuff. McGettigan: Did he ever tell you how he felt about you? Victim 9: “He told me he loved me and missed the best for me…he wanted ?? towards me.” McGettigan: “What did you think of that?” Victim 9 said, “It was creepy…I was a kid so.”

Victim 9 said the anal sex happened a couple of times. Victim 9's mom would try to tell him to go to Sandusky's house but he said no, “I would get real bull-headed and stubborn.”

3:52 p.m. — Victim 9 said sometimes they would go swimming at the Holiday Inn just down the street from Sandusky's house. McGettigan shows him a picture of himself. He asked him how old he was. He said he didn't know but there was a date on the photo: 2009. “My math is really bad.” Victim 6 chuckles and the courtroom does too.

Victim 9 said he stopped listening to his mom. Victim 9 said: “I didn't like being there…I didn't like the things that happened there.”

Sandusky called him and asked him to come over. He came up with an excuse not to go.

McGettigan asks why he didn't tell anyone: “Who would believe you, I mean, he was an important guy, everybody knew him, he was a football coach, who would believe kids.”

3:55 p.m. – Victim 9 said one day he woke up and his mom had called the cops. She said she called the cops because of Jerry. He didn't tell police everything the first time he talked to them. He said he didn't trust them. He said the first person he told everything to was McGettigan. McGettigan asked him if he has a layer. “No you're my lawyer,” he said. “Are you gonna pay me?,” McGettigan joked. ” I'll try.” Everyone chuckles. To McGettigan, Victim 9 said “You just told me to tell you the truth.”

McGettigan asks Victim 9 to point out the person who did those things to him. He pointed. McGettigan asked him to look at him. “I don't want to look at him,” he said.

3:56 p.m. – Amendola begins cross-examination. He started the Second Mile when he was 12 or 13 years old. He continue to see Sandusky until he was 16. The first abuse started in 2005 on the weekend at night. Sandusky's wife was at home but she was upstairs. He started going over Sandusky's house between the summer of 2004 and 2005. Sandusky would pick him up. He stayed over every weekend until he was 15 or 16. He said he was there virtually every weekend from Friday to Sunday between the ages of 12 or 13 and 15 or 16. He said sometimes other kids would be there. One time they went to a golf tournament together.

4:02 p.m. – Amendola asks Victim 9 if Sandusky had anal sex with him. He said yes. Amendola asked if he ever had to seek medical attention. He said no. He asked him if he would ever bleed. He said yes. He said he never sought medical attention. Victim 9 said: “I just dealt with it…I have a different way of coping with things.” “I never told anyone, I didn't even tell my own mom.”

4:04 p.m. – Victim 9 said he did scream for help once and Dottie was upstairs. He said yes: “I think the basement is sound-proof…yes, it's a big basement.” Sandusky watches the victim, resting hand on the side of his face. Victim 9 said he never really ate at Sandusky's home. He said they would eat out sometimes.

4:06 p.m. – Victim 9 said his mom called the cops one day. “I was woke up by my mom saying ‘The cops are here to talk to you…'” Victim 9 talked to Sandusky on the phone of the Spring of 2011. Victim 9 said: “The last time he called me. He called me and asked me…if anybody comes and asks me question to, like, stick up for him.” Victim 9 said his mom gets the newspaper but he doesn't read it. Victim 9 said one time in the past couple of years he went to a football game with Sandusky. Victim 9 said Sandusky called and asked if he wanted to go to a game; he said his mom couldn't go but a friend could go. His friend had an emergency in the middle of the game. Sandusky drove them home afterwards. Victim 9's friend went to Sandusky's home later that night.

Amendola asks why he went to the game with Sandusky. He said, “The only reason I went that time was because I had a friend with me…and my friend didn't like him much and if anything went down my friend had my back at the time…my friend had never been to a football game,” Victim 9 said. He verifies that this was after all the incidents of abuse occurred. Victim 9's friend went back to Sandusky's house to pick up his backpack that he left in the car.

Amendola asks if Victim 9's mother ever noticed anything wrong with his underwear. He said his mom does wash his clothes.

4:14 p.m. — Victim 9 met Sandusky the second year he was at the Second Mile Camp.

4:15 p.m. – Victim 9 said the last time Sandusky called him he told him he had two football tickets. Amendola asks if Sandusky took them to football games from 2009 to 2011. Victim 9 said he does not remember the exact dates.

4:16 p.m. – Victim 9 leaves the stand. The prosecution rest their case. Testimony concludes for today. There will be no court on Friday. Judge Cleland gives instructions not to talk about the case.

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