Pa. says Manheim egg farm passed state inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture says a Manheim egg farm owned by Kreider Farms has passed every state inspection over the past five years.

The department on Friday released a statement in response to allegations made by the Humane Society of the United States, which claimed it found deplorable conditions and extreme animal cruelty at the farm.

According to the statement, a state veterinarian visited and inspected the entire Manheim facility on two occasions over the past three days and
determined all practices, procedures and conditions met the industry's best

The Humane Society claims an undercover investigator in February and March recorded video of chickens in severely overcrowded in cages, dead chickens inside
cages with hens laying eggs, floors covered with dead flies, and birds trapped in cage wires.

Kreider Farms spokesman Dave Andrews questioned the authenticity of the video. He said the Humane Society is trying to scare people into
supporting federal legislation further regulating America's egg farms.

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