New charges announced in Bad Boys Toys investigation

Lebanon County prosecutors have announced additional charges stemming from an investigation of Bad Boys Toys shops in Palmyra, Elizabethtown and Lemoyne.

William P. Zielinski, 37, and Chris A. Neal, 42, both of Palmyra, each face more than 20 new charges that include the operation of a corrupt organization, conspiracy, and several counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Zielinski and Neal, owners of the Bad Boys Toys shops, were first arrested in December after prosecutors said they found the shops were selling synthetic marijuana and “bath salts.”

The designer drugs, which mimic the effects of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, were banned by a Pennsylvania law that took effect in August.

Prosecutors also charged 33-year-old Luis A. Toro of Lebanon, an employee who acted as manager of the Lemoyne store, and 37-year-old Bryon S. Keith of Palmyra, an employee who acted as manager of the Elizabethtown store, with 11 counts each.

According to the criminal complaint, police made several purchases of products sold under names such as “snow melt,” “glass cleaner,” “potpourri,” and “incense” that were found to contain controlled substances.

The initial arrests of Zielinski and Neal came after investigators raided the three stores in response to a Dec. 6 shooting at the Palmyra location.

Police said Donna Wannamaker attempted to shoplift more than $1,600 worth of products at the Palmyra store but was stopped by an employee, Daniel Walsh, in the parking lot. Walsh had a handgun and shot an associate of Wannamaker, Matthew Boyer, when he allegedly hit Walsh in the mouth. Wannamaker and Walsh were arrested the following day.

According to the complaint, 15 of the products taken by Wannamaker were found to contain controlled substances.

Prosecutors said they have since discovered that Zielinski, Neal, Toro and Keith “engaged in a pattern of racketeering” in the sale of synthetic drugs and paraphernalia. According to the complaint, inventory for the Elizabethtown and Lemoyne stores was purchased from the Palmyra location on a daily or weekly basis, and all proceeds from the Lemoyne and Elizabethtown stores were turned over to Zielinski, who then turned the money over to Neal.

Zielinski and Neal were ordered held at the Lebanon County prison on $150,000 bail. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for March 26.

Toro was at the prison on outstanding bench warrants as well as $150,000 bail, while Keith was released on $25,000 unsecured bail.

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