York passes budget hours before city shut-down

Just hours before the 'White Rose' was to drop to ring in 2012, a city shut-down was avoided in York. Council passed a 2012 budget that brought a tax increase.

The nearly $42-million plan includes a 17 percent tax increase, so city property owners will have to pony up.

“We can expect anywhere from 150 to 300 dollars depending on the property range,” Mayor Kim Bracey said.

The budget plan also hits first responders. Three police and fire positions will be lost due to attrition.

After signing it on Saturday, Bracey told abc27 these are cuts she can live with.

“We have three retirements this year, and we knew we could work around that,” she said.

The paperwork also contains a 1% pay raise for non-union employees, including the mayor and city administrators.

Council members said the fight to close a $1.8-million budget gap was a tough one, but they got it down to $1.1-million. They said they just hope next time they don't have to cut it so close.

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