All-boys school proposed for York

If you have never heard of York Urban Preparatory Academy, that's because it has no students.

It hasn't even been built, but a proposal for the all-boys charter school is already making waves.

The plan was brought up during Wednesday night's school board meeting as a way to combat youth violence.

“I think it will help and help them focus on more education as well, especially if they have extracurricular activities for the boys to do after school,” York resident Aveya McNealy said.

The city has seen a recent rise in youth violence, but it hasn't been isolated to one gender or the other.

“The thinking is that if you segregate the two, the girls may be more likely to get involved in typically male-dominated areas and also the males may get involved in more female-dominated areas,” said Jonathan Gransee, a psychologist who specializes in the behavioral health of school-aged children.

Gransee said in terms of combating violence, there are positives to keeping girls and boys together.

“There is a suggestion that when boys and girls are together, girls tend to make boys a little more gentle because they have a different way of solving problems,” he said.

As for the girls, organizers said they could one day be admitted as well, but if that were to happen the classrooms would remain separate to cater to gender-specific learning styles.

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