McQueary testifies at Friday’s hearing

Mike McQueary was the first to take the stand at Friday's hearing. He testified about what he saw in March 2002 in the Lasch building at Penn State University.

He said when he entered the first door of the locker room he heard the shower running and slapping noises that sounded like skin on skin. He told the court he went to his locker and looked over his shoulder into a mirror and saw Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a young boy. He said “the boy had his hands on the wall and Sandusky was behind him.”

 McQueary said he then turned back to his locker and took a step so he could look directly into the shower. He said Sandusky's arms were around the boy's waist.

He then said “I stepped back…I didn't want to see anymore and I slammed my locker.” McQueary said he then walked over to the shower and the young boy and Sandusky we separated about four feet apart. McQueary said “I know they saw me, they looked me directly in the eye.”

McQueary testified that nothing was said and Sandusky had a “blank look on his face.” McQueary also talked about how he told Joe Paterno and discussed the meeting he had with Shultz and Curley.

McQueary stated several times, “There is no question in my mind that I conveyed to them that Jerry Sandusky was in the shower with a young boy and what he was doing was wrong and in a sexual nature.”

And that is the argument here – Curley and Shultz testified to the grand jury that they only believed it to be horseplay and that it was never described to them as a sexual act.

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