Company shops for deals on electricity, natural gas

How can you shop for the best deals on life's necessities such as electric power and natural gas? That's where Alphabuyer comes in.

“Alphabuyer is a group purchasing company that helps central Pennsylvania get the best market deals for energy,” CEO Kevin Johnson said.

Johnson explained how the company does all the work for you.

“What we do is we deal with the electricity suppliers, the natural gas suppliers in the marketplace, and we negotiate on behalf of the group to get the best deals in the market,” he said.

Alphabuyer also tries to get companies to waive or lower cancellation and other fees. The deals are then offered to you. The more who sign up, the sweeter it gets.

The deal runs for a set amount of time. Everyone who signs up before the clock runs out gets the best price reached.

“The deals are very favorable, especially right now because one, we are in tough economic times and two, winter looks like it just started on Saturday with the snowfall,” Johnson said. “Right now, we have a natural gas deal to the individual consumer. If they log in, they can up to 15.3 percent off their natural gas bill.”

Johnson said if you spend $200 to $300 hundred on your natural gas bill, at a 15 percent savings you could reduce your monthly bill by least $30.

Alphabuyer will add  propane and heating oil by the end of the month. Once you sign up, the company handles the switch to the new supplier, who will be responsible for maintaining your service.

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