York residents get organized to fight crime

The City of York has seen its fair share of violence this fall.  A fatal shooting on October 10th marked the tenth shooting incident in the city within a month. On Wednesday night, one of the city's foremost civilian leaders in the fight against crime stepped up to rally law-abiding citizens once again.

York Community Resource Person Joanne Borders is certainly not happy with the amount of crime in York. She said crime is rampant.

But, Borders was happy with the turnout at the 'Stand up to Crime' meeting. Borders and the city police are encouraging as many residents as possible to do as much as possible.

“They can get involved in our community-police partnership program,” said York Police Chief Wes Kahley. “They can get involved in their neighborhood organizations or start a block watch program.”

“They can attend the citizen police academies,” said Borders. “So that they would know exactly what it is that the police department has to do when they're deterring crime and addressing crime issues.”

Borders also said residents can decide to become a Guardian Angel. The group formed a local chapter in York a couple of years ago, but has been dormant for some time now as the people involved just couldn't devote the time needed.

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